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Resolved Resolved by Stiko!

Question With Ankle Servo

Hello I'm french, sorry for my poor english.
I have a JD from 3 days and JD was assembled yesterday.
It work fine once and now I have a problem with right foot.
When I click in diagnostic menu on All servo ports to 90 degrees, the right foot make not 90 degrees (see photo included)
I don't find in tutorial, how to calibrate the ankle servo...
And the servo move little bit and it's very hot !
I'm afraid it is dead ?

thanks in advance for your help.


User-inserted image


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Turn off power and gently move the ankle to see if there is any binding.

Try the ankle that is working properly first to get a feel for it
Hello, thanks for your quick answer.

I read all tutorials (in english and in French by google translate).
this one for ankle calibration is speaking about the servo calibration of Knee servo not for ankle servo.
For ankle, the servo is in the foot. How perform the calibration ?

I tried as Faengelm say, with the left foot.
All foots are horizontal, when I connected the left, it move a little bit (may be 5 degrees).
When I connected the right foot, it move as in the picture (45 degrees) and the sound is very different. and it twiste a little !

Is the cable plugged into the correct position?
Exchange the cable of the ankle times to see if it is the servo.

Check if the servo for the ankle is there.
If not, add a servo.
Assign the port for the servo.
Now go to Project.
Press Configure.
Now the servo for the ankle should be there.

I am German and my english is the same.
Google Translator is the best friend.
Hello, thanks for the excellent tutorial.
I performed the ankle calibration and after in servo tune fine profil, the left ankle move alone !
On the video you can see the foot moving and I don't touch anything in the software !

Thanks for your help

sorry it's a right foot and not the left. the left is ok !
Yes, the servo is defective.

I've been using my JD for 2 weeks.
In the first 4 days I already had 3 defective servo.
Apparently EZ has a quality problem.

Go to the website (contact us).
Then go to (Product warranty) and write a ticket.

The service here is great.
Yep, I have to validate what Stiko said. The servo is bad. You need a new one.
Hello, i have another servo broken. ;-(
This is the "Chest and Shoulder Servos Right Shoulder: D2".
It's lock in 90 degrees position and it doesn't run.
I tried to change the port and it's a same thing. It's doesn't move.

Do you confirm me thath this servo is broken ?

I received 2 servos. now all is ok.
Gratz. I hope you have now the same fun from me.