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Question Of Community Robot Sells

Does any one know if we are allow to sell projects on here or sell any extra parts robots on our ez robot community forums?


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People buy, sell, and trade with each other here all the time. Just don't expect EZ-Robot to mediate if you aren't happy with a deal.

United Kingdom
Technically, according to the Forum Etiquette For Sale items are listed as some examples of what may be moderated.

However, it seems they are very lenient with this rule since there are many "for sale" topics, some even heavily promote their own items for sale for instance XL-Robots.

As Alan said, don't expect EZ-Robot or any other members to mediate any "bad sales". It's also worth noting that issues and disputes from any sale should be discussed privately with the seller by email rather than on the forum.
Thank you both for your input I shall take this in to consideration