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Question For Jstarne1.

Hey Josh, I while back ago I was reading a lot of info about the history of robotics and such. I tend to just cram tons of info into my head so I can't sight the source and I can't find the article/page again for the life of me.

Any way there was a mention of another Starne and I instantly thought of you. I was wondering if you were any relation?


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Where did you see it mentioned and I will check? :)


My realword name is Josh Starnes


I can't remember where I read it.:( It was one of the first humanoid robots in the 80's I think and this guy was either in college or a collage professor. I'll give another few google attempts and get back with you.


Yeah I can't find it again. I think it was on NASA's site that linked to it and that site appears to be republican.


There was a Paul and Ryan Starnes that the local college has been named after but I'm not familiar with why that was or if they were into technology. Maybe I will go look one day :)


Cool. All I remember was seeing the last name, it was in the 80s or 90s and he was one of the two main guys that built a robot about 6-7 feet tall, I'm guessing. It was humanoid-ish. I want to say the bots name was Melvin or Marvin or some "M" name but I could be mistaken on the name part. It was probably 6 months ago that I saw it. I just didn't want to ask then. We've had a few posts between us now and I've read enough to pretty much figure what kind of guy you are so I decided to ask. I thought you might be his son or nephew or something like that. Oh well, thanks anyway. :)


Yea cousin Roger passed away back in 2004 , he made a biped to be called Scarlett. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@rgordon, That is the guy I was thinking of. I remember seeing a pic of him with Scarlet. I'm sorry to hear about his passing. :(


I would like to see a video of his bipedal. I will be honest I never met him since he lived in another state. There's Brian Starnes too another cousin.


So you are, in fact, a sort of robo legacy? You're very talented so it wouldn't surprise me if it's partially genetic. Anyway, thanks for answering my question. Look forward to chatting with you more once we start getting our V4s. (I'm not sure if mines ordered yet or not. My GF is supposedly getting my Roli for Xmas so I've sort of hinted at the need to order ASAP. "Kevin Bacon Fingers")


This is one of my other cousins Brian Starnes , he's closest to may age

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By no means have I had anything to do with his successes , but since you brought it up I started asking questions myself. I guess that creative bug might run in the family. :). - Josh S.


Nice! Getting a Roli is great , the rover 5 chassis it is built on has lots of available accessories , you can also do something I did once to swap out two legs of the roli to get 4wd ! :)