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Question For Bret On B9


Could you go over the specifics on your little Light board and how you have all of the wires setup on the top to blink randomly.  And I see how you have the voice strips. But, do you just put voltage into the EL wires or do you have to have the little black box to run them through? I am a little confused. But, could you go over the top wiring? And how did you make the 12 LEDs blink random in the chest?

Also, your model number of the little board and the model number of your H-bridge and where did you get them?




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Okay Mel, I used a chaser light kit I got off ebay and just used multi colored LEDs (instead of the red that came with it. Then instead of placing my LEDs right on the board I wired them with 12 inches of lead wire so I could place them how I wanted. I tied two LEDs to each output on the board and then I just placed them in areas randomly so none of them is sequential. Here is the board I used in the bubble:

User-inserted image

I used a larger circuit with more outputs for the chest lights (10 outputs I believe). This was a kit that I built, and I think I got it from Ramsey Electronics.

For the motor controller, I am using the 2.5A dual H-bridge that DJ sells. I am not using the El-Wire anymore, it wasn't bright enough for me. So I went with clear LEDs. But when you do use El-Wire you have to use the little transformer that comes with it. I hope that helps.

User-inserted image


Thank You, Bret! I am planning on following in your footsteps and I just ordered an Omnibot 2000 in MINT condition with remote and tray. I don't know if it will be hurt on the way over here. The B-9 that I just got in was packed good, but it fell on it's head and broke the inside mechanism. But, it did not break the parts that I was looking to use. I appreciate all that you have taught us on the forums.

Thanks, Sincerely,



AND you are taking apart a MINT condition omnibot 2000,worth a lot more together,second can easy find a used one on ebay they do come up only have to wait a week or 2 and place a bid higher like i do.


Yep! I will be taking it apart. I will probably play with it a little bit since it will take months before I can afford to mod it.