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Question About Using Other Robots With Ez-B Controller

Hi there, I have a question. I have been doing a ton of looking around the net at different robots and controllers and such and found a awesome 19DOF robot with servos etc. I really love the look of this robot and would like to use him and your EZ-B Controller/Camera/4n1 Sensor with this robot. With the software would it allow me to add the extra servos that this robot would have so i could use your equipment in him? I have not played with the software really yet, plan to but have not had the time. Curious if anyone else has used one of these kinds of robots with the EZ-B Controller and how well it worked. Thank you kindly for your time. Ken


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You bet! Here's some robots that have been built with the controller:

There's a few thousand more if you look around the site. You can connect 24 servos per controller and 250 controllers. Which is a grand total of 6,000 servos. Hopefully that will be enough:D


You didn't post a link to your 19DOF robot that you were talking about... Nevertheless, the EZB4 is extremely versatile so yes, it can be used to drive pretty much any hobby servo...


You rock DJ! Thanks so much for your fast replies. Thats awesome and I think I am pretty good with 6,000 servos;)

I will do some more looking around. Thanks so much for this reply, I figured it would work just fine from what I had read, but best to just ask and be sure.

Thanks! Ken


Sorry was not sure if a link to the place selling it was okay to post. Here is the robot I was looking/Thinking about getting. If this post with the link is not allowed please remove and accept my appology.


Robot on Site I was thinking of Getting


Awesome.:) When I saw it and all the places it moves I just fell in love with it.:)


@Wldfire Check eBay, you might be able to get it cheaper....


Thanks Richard, and I actually have checked Ebay, and a ton of other sites. The link I posted was the cheapest for the kit i could find. They also sell another version with a controller and PS Controller, but I want the EZ-B in mine.:)

What Robot/Robots do you have?


A Few custom.... I generally make one then get bored and use the parts to make a new one... LOL Right now I just finished up another inMoov and just waiting on my ez robot order to complete him....


Awesome - if you go over the 6,000 servo limit let me know... HAHAHA!

Here's a tip, if you click on Richard's name then you can see his profile. There's an EZ-Robot tab under everyone's profile. Richard has built some of the coolest robots - including the famous bartender InMoov:D


Awesome! I have always loved Robots and when I was a kid/younger I used to take old Radio Shack toys my grandpa would buy from the local RadioShack and I would use the parts to make my own. Amazing how far robotics have come and thanks to amazing places like here, its making it way more user friendly.

The inMoov is simply amazing!


@DJ is right, but that famous Bartender inMoov he speaks of seems to be unemployed at the moment.... :D I think EZ Robot may have lost their liquor licence or something...


Thanks for the tip DJ, I just took a look at the robots and WOW!

I will have to spend more time watching videos and reading on others robots. Sure appreciate everyones replies.



Yep had that Radio shack stuff too... We're all grateful, @DJ and ez robot have single handily brought robotics out of the stone ages... Without him my inmoov would have be following a black line on the floor while trying not to bang into things....:D


After reading up what all is built into the EZ-B with the controls, sound, video, simply amazing its all fit into the little unit. I always dreamed of owning a robot with all that stuff, and well now its actually something i can get into. Another thing is life is so darn busy around here, I do not have time to learn tons and tons of tech stuff right now, so with everything being so easy to config and use, that opens a door for me I did not have before, so have to say Thanks so much DJ!