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Question About The Acer W3 Windows8 Tablet

so, we have bluetooth and wireless already. so, I don't need to do this. Now, how about the usb camera connection? Also, anyone who is on the Lexi-3000 build, Is he running the Mimo monitor off the usb of the W3,(it has two usb connectors) and the camera connection? On Marti, I came out with the camera usb connection, bluetooth usb, and powered speakers usb. That, I am afraid will be too much to put on the W3. I am thinking about USB speakers to make it easy on the W3. It is supposed to last 8 hours, but I think if we push all of these units from it, it will not handle it. I just want to make a good build.

Thanks in advance.



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Just bear in mind that if it's not a powered USB hub (which I assume it wouldn't be if it's in a robot) then you will find there is a limit to what you can use due to the current. Some of your better hard wired USB cameras may not be able to start without the hub having it's own power supply. Most small things (some cameras, USB TTL dongles etc) should be OK though, without looking I would expect a total of 500mA, anything more and the current wont be there for the device to start.
OH, ok, a powered usb hub.

Thank You very much!