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Question About Power

I will be running a windows7 or windows8 netbook for brains. I don't want to pull the netbook off the robot to power it up. Is there a way to tell the netbook from the bios to turn on? Once it is on and has windows, I can take it from there.

I am thinking I could leave it running all the time and just tell it to sleep. But, if I could power it up without opening it up, it would be better. I don't want to go inside because everything is so small and very fragile.




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That will depend on the bios. But you need to power it on to get to the bios... why not just leave it on?

You can wake from sleep via mouse, keyboard, lan, IR... but you can also wake up from standby over LAN by sending a magic packet to it's MAC address if you wanted to save more power.
It is installed in the robots backpack. I just don't want to pull it off the robot in order to turn it on. I will be hooking a mimo touchscreen to it. I will turn the netbook's screen off. It is an acer aspire ONE. It will have a wireless network and be hooked to the EZB.
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Set windows to allow it to wake up from sleep by mouse, keyboard or IR. You will need to power it on manually at least once. There may be an option in the bios for power state after interruption, you will need to check the bios. If the option is there you could set it to turn on when power is back, however with it being a netbook I don't know how well that would work as it doesn't suffer the same as a desktop (i.e. it has a battery).

Some laptops have IR which can be used to power on, some can't. It depends if it's powered while the laptop is off.

Or you could open it up and modify the power button and move it to an accessible location on the robot.
Many BIOS also have timed power up, so you could set it to power up on its own every day at a specified time if powered off, and then set your power settings to put itself to sleep if there is no activity. Then use Rich's suggestions for waking from sleep when needed. Note: for Wake on LAN, there are apps for iOS and Android that can send the magic packet, so if you have an iPhone or Android phone, you could use that to wake it up when needed.

United Kingdom
I've found on my laptop that windows never sleeps if ARC is running so it will be running pretty much the whole time. This makes waking it up pretty much redundant.

You will be able to set windows to allow the touch screen to wake it up, as was my first suggestion of keyboard, mouse, ir, lan etc...

However, even with WOL and magic packets, it doesn't always work. You will no doubt need to manually turn the netbook on so it would be wise to have it accessible.