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Question About Blue Tooth

So, the only way to connect to this board is with Bluetooth? I was hoping serial or Wifi.




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you can use other modules to connect to the board via a com port, Uart compatable. You can replace it with a Xbee module or the Wifi module recommended by DJ.


I have ordered two bluetooth adapters .99 cent each and free shipping. I don't know much about bluetooth or XBee except that it is available for my boebot. But, I am hoping to use the EZ-B on my Create and ROOMBA and Speecys 101-C 22Deg freedom biobot, not my boebot because I have take in all apart and using parts for something else.

On the com port connector, are you saying just hook up a serial port to the RX and TX pins on the EZBoard? and just communicate with that? I have the PS/2 adapter that I wired for the Arduino. Do you mean hook something up like that? I saw where D.J. has a video on doing this. But, he also has a wireless camera connected. I don't know if getting to the EZ-B is only through the serial port.

It is kinda foggy. But, I sort of know what you are saying. Could you clear it up a bit.




if you read my post on using bluetooth it takes about using serial adapter ,very simple just remove the bluetooth gnd connect to gnd ,v+ to v+ tx to tx and rx to rx its label on the board and set the serial adapter to 3 volts like mostly all can make very shore dont run it at 5 volts

also you wont get wireless like with bluetooth unless you are having a on board computer in your robot second bluetooth adapter are at newegg new for $5 ,fast shipping


it says in general ' dj another question on bluetooth"