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Pwm Control In Scripts

Hi DJ,

I am starting to use the PWM control on my H-bridge. The control itself works GREAT. What I need to do now is to get it into my movement scripts so i can change the speed of LEGION. I found out that I can use the Servo(DX,XX) and it works....Is this the script command I should be using? If so the problem is that it only limits to 75 and the range of the PWM control is through 233. I need more PWM to get my speed going on my H-Bridge.

Not sure if the right answer is maybe a new script command like PWM(DX,XXX) simply so folks don't overdrive normal servos.....

quick note: Wanted to ask if the VBScript function was going to be ready soon?

Thanks for your time DJ.......hope you are doing well!



AI Support Bot
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DJ, Not sure if this slipped off the panel too fast or not......any chance this might be in the new update?

thanks much...new update looks SWEET!