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Product Questions

Hi I'm interested in your platform, and I have a few questions:

  1. Is communication established by direct WIFI connection or is a router or internet connection required?

  2. Can the robot be programmed with Arduino? Are there libraries to allow programming with Arduino?



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  1. wifi or router

  2. Arduino is not used

For overall information, visit There is a video on the home screen that explains a lot. For additional product information, each robot has extensive information written about it. Additionally the LEARN section is a menu titled LEARN from the top of this website to view activities. Lastly, feel free to download the free ARC software and see what the hype is about




Can the robot be programmed with Arduino?
No, but then again you wouldn't want to anyway.... The EZ Robot platform is a completely different animal than the simple arduino and it's IDE.... One is a bicycle and the other is a Telsa.... Can you guess which one is which?:) Just buy the developer's kit and you won't be sorry.... You will need patience because you kinda' have to "un-learn" the arduino way of doing things first.... Once you hit that eureka moment however, you won't remember why you ever wanted to build a robot with an arduino....

Have fun