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Product Availability

could someone at EZ-HQ tell me when will the EZ-B IoTiny be back in stock and also the price and ETA of the RGB 8x8 Display


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im unaware of 8x8 price at the moment.

IoTiny sold out fast! A new batch is in manufacturing queue which take 4-6 weeks:)
@Dj is there going to be any option to pre-order the IoTiny close to the ship date. I could use a handful.
We can turn preorder on a week or two before shipping:)

We pushed the first batch out so quick that the boxes weren't even ready! So people are getting them in who knows what box. Probably charger boxes haha.

Goes to show how many users there are on the forum who don't post. Pretty neat:)

The real boxes will be ready for the next batch:D