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Problem With ARC Mobile App Latest Version

I just downloaded the latest version (v2021.05.20.00) of the mobile app to one of my tablets. None of my installed robot apps are appearing.
They are still there in the ARC/My Projects directory but don't show up as installed. I downloaded a test project from the Cloud and it seems to store it somewhere else. Do you know what is going on here?

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I had to reinstall all my Robot Projects from the Cloud to get them back. I assume when you reinstall ARC Mobile, this is necessary. Not the best.
In order to stop the emails telling me this is unresolved, my solution was to re-download all my Apps on my device.
Android has updates that changes things because it’s not managed entirely by Google. The manufacturer can do their own changes to the os. Security updates can change the location of personal files. Perhaps the update doesn’t move those files - which is why many other apps will ask you to login after being updated. 

Using android is a risk for strange behaviors - kind of expected in the Wild West of opensource:)