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Problem Connecting To The EZ-B V4 (AP Mode)

I had this issue the first time I tried to connect EZ-Bv4 to my computer. I went to the community and asked for tech support no one was able to figure the problem except DJ Sures was able to help me. Recently, I purchased a new router and tried to install EZ-Bv4 again, I reset the EZ-Bv4 when It came to download from the WIFI in a few seconds a message would display that " Can't connect to this network"

Please anyone if you know  how to resolve the problem that I described? I would appreciate it to hear your resolution.



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Also try shutting off your firewall. If that's the problem you will have to set your firewall to allow this connection.
Good morning josephcjosephc,

did any of this info help you? Please let us know, thanks

Thanks for the help. I was able to connect by using my cell phone with the ap mode.


#6   — Edited
What problem do you have, connecting?

@jenny13857 sounds like a Spammer. If not my apologies but please don't try to sell insurance here. You will get flamed.
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josephcjosephc, sorry for the spam that took place, to repeat my text to you:

ok, if that is what you want to do, connect by using your cell phone.

if you want to connect with your computer, always remember to shut off the anti-virus, and check your firewalls.

or you can follow DJ's link - AP mode: https://synthiam.com/Community/Questions/How-To-Connect-Your-Ez-b-V4-To-Your-Computer-both-Ways-ap-And-2265

Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) Mode
The EZ-B v4 becomes a Wi-Fi Server which allows your device to connect to it. This is the default setting for the EZ-B v4. In this mode, your device (i.e. Computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.) will connect directly to the EZ-B v4 over its Wi-Fi network. You will lose access to the internet if connected this way, unless your device has two network adapters.

I use:
Wi-Fi Client Mode
Just know your SSID and password in your home or office.
The EZ-B v4 will connect to your existing Wi-Fi network as a client, much like your iPhone, iPad and Computer, TV etc...

Have a good day