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Private Messaging

I discovered that in many cases there are problems with people sending emails and the receiver missing them, and then the sender posting and interrupting topics.

So I thought. Many other forums use the main forum as well as private messaging within the website. If ez-robot could do this it could save time and annoying useless forum email updates.

Just a thought.:D



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United Kingdom
It's been mentioned before. Basically, because this is a community driven help forum there should be nothing that is private as it may be of benefit to others. This is the same reason for why you are unable to delete posts.

Anything unrelated should be discussed via email or on other forums etc. Problems concerning email and other forums should not cross over and leak in to topics here.

If it is anything that is related to EZ-Robot's line of hardware and/or software then a new topic should be made for the specific question or project.

This seems like a good place to remind people of the Forum Etiquette.
Personally, although there are a few common forum features I would like to see adopted here (using cookies to keep track of read/unread posts so I can jump to the next post in a thread, private messaging so I don't have to share my personal email address, individual thread subscription/notification, a few others), I would much prefer DJ and company spend their time writing EZ-Robot features than working on forum code.

I suggested a few times that the forum would benefit from using one of the standard open source BBS code bases (vBulletin or PHPboard), but DJ made it clear he isn't interested in using 3rd party forum software, so I am happy to live with the features we have and am not complain much. Really direct messaging is the only one I really wanted, but Gmail is doing such a good job of spam control that I am not as bothered posting my email address in a public forum as I was a few years ago.