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Pride Jet-3 Robot Project Battery Charger Question.

Greetings Everyone,

So I'm building my first robot using an EZ-Robot EZ-B, a Sabertooth 60 X 60 Motor controller, and a Pride Jet-3 Powered Wheelchair as the base. Got all my parts together, just have a question about the battery charger. The chair has a Pride 2904-24 24 volt Automatic 3-stage on-board battery charger. I have removed the joystick controller from the chair. There is a 3 prong plug that comes out of the charger, I think it is an inhibit control that shuts the controller/chair off when the chair is charging. I can't find anything online about what the wires are. I would love to use the charger but don't know if this is possible since I removed the joystick control which could have some circuits for the charger contained in it. Has anyone used the charger without the joystick control in place. One other question, is it possible to wire the charger to the batteries and charge them without unhooking the Sabertooth? I sure don't want to damage it by charging the batteries with the Sabertooth plugged up.

Thanks so much for your time and any help!


I'll post some photos of everything once I get going!


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To answer the charging with sabertooth question, I wouldn't try.


Yes I use a power wheelchair but I also use the original controller I presume the type of plug on your charger is an XLR ,if it is that has an inhibit device to shut down controller when charging ( two of the pins are shorted out ) To connect the Sabertooth I would use an XLR plug and socket from the battery then to charge the battery you would have to disconnect the Sabertooth & connect the charging plug ,you batteries should charge ok Please ensure your polarity matches up on both connectors ! Personally I would disconnect the Sabertooth while charging ,unless you intend adding a relay that would disconnect it while the charger is plugged in.


The Crusty Chicken,

Did you end up using the onboard charger? I'm confused by the three wire output as well. I looked at the harness and there are (3) wires, red, green, black. I get about 27 volts DC between black and red, roughly 3 volts between green and black / green and red. I'm using at Sabertooth as well with a radio control, very happy with the Sabertooth.