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Power Up Failed ?

Hi all, I received my DIY kit yesterday. Following the video I wanted to power up the EZB. Connected the red wire to +, black wire to -, inserted 6 rechargeable batteries (they have power) and connected the batteries to the EZB. No blue light appears, instead a flash of a red light and that's it. The EZB makes a zooming noise. I can't see any Wifi connection, so I assume something is wrong ?

Thanks for your help,



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It seems the Contact Us - Technical Support question will also put the question onto the forum ...


Make sure you "Check the Box" at the bottom that says..."I confirm that this message is not asking for technical assistance" before you press send or it will kick you back here instead... *Make sure you give d.cochran the credit for answering this thread...


Sorry for my stupid questions, but I don't have that check box with " I confirm that this message is not asking for technical assistance"

When I go to 'Contact Us', I need to select 'Department'. I then select 'Technical Support' (the only relevant one) , then " Ask Question".

I'm then directly pointed to 'New Discussion' . The only check box I can see is : 'I agree to the terms of the "Requiring Technical Assistance" post type.'

Thanks for yr help Johan


Did you click on product warranty tab? Sorry about the small picture, but the check box is just above the send button at the bottom....

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No I did not .. because I was not sure if it is a warranty issue


David posted the Contact Us link as we can't do much for you here if your ezb is not functioning correctly...


Will do ! Many thanks Johan


Resolved by David:)


Hello @JS1 it sounds like your batteries are low in capacity. I have encountered something similar with low voltage (below 4.5V) maybe try a newer set of rechargeable AA batteries if you can.

Note: Your batteries might seem to be high enough in voltage but they may be worn and can't deliver enough current to the ez-b.


Hi Jeremie

thanks for the tip ! I will try this out

Kind regards Johan


Jeremie, you r suggested worked. I bought new batteries, charged them and the brain started up ! Thank you very much !


@JS1 Just a tip... you really should be using Lipos or niMh sub c packs.... You may find AA rechargeables unable to supply enough current to run more than a servo or two... If your ezb starts to disconnect or reboot all the time it is because of same reason that Jeremie stated...