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Power Range

What is the minimum amount of power that I could put into the EzRobot processor? Would 4xAA battery be substantial enough to power the EzRobot without any servos and peripherals?

Also, does the EzRobot regulate high voltages for the servos?



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Yes. 4 AA's will be no problem, although you will be limited to what you can use. 4.5 volt is the minimum, and 16v is the max you can use with the EZ-B v4.

Also the 24 digital Vcc (red) pins are unregulated, so what ever battery power you put in comes out of those pins, but the analog, UART and i2c pins are 3.3v regulated.


Current is more important than Voltage... Servos need power... Alkaline AAs would be pretty much useless for everything but logic. If you are driving servos... I would recommend a 7.2v niMh or 7.4v Lipo pack... This way you won't have to worry about regulating the voltage for your servos... Personally I have no issues using a 6v SLA (lead acid battery) in my projects.... I use one in my inMoov to power everything....

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The poster did mention that he wasn't going to use servos or any other peripherals with his EZ-B so I didn't mentioning current. I am curious however to what he intends to use the EZ-B for if nothing is going to be connected to it? I bet you are too. Weird. confused:)


@Steve G... :) I only read 3/4 of his post lol... Gotta' stop being so lazy. It is early morning here and I replied before my morning coffee...:D

Maybe he wants to use it to read sensors or drive a motor controller? Either way, the EZB and camera by themselves draw just under 200ma (the ezb alone I think is about 80)... It is still going to cost you $ to keep buying AAs... 7.4V lipo (which doesn't lose much power sitting idle like niMhs do) would be a much better cost effective solution... Even better (if he is not powering anything significant and if his project is not a mobile bot) he could just use a 1 or 2 amp 5V power supply...

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Havn't you learnt by now. Coffee first (not that I'm a coffee drinker, Choc milk for me) then start your day lol.:P

Back to the point, I totally agree. Wall adapters or rechargeable battery packs are better all round whatever the use, providing the correct amperage is used with whatever device is being powered.