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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Power For Heavy Duty Servos

I know I ask all silly and stupid questions... Thanks for everyone for answering me with patience...

I will be using 6 heavy duty servos and four normal servos.. As I can't get enough power from the battery pack connected to EZ-B, how am I suppose to give an external power for the servos? I will be using a 11.1V Li-ion battery with amperage of about 9amps for my motors and motor driver.. Can I use the same for the servos?


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Use a voltage regulator for the servos, they need to be 6V max. (ideally, some servos can take more).

Combine all grounds of all supplies together.
Use the VCC from the regulator to feed the VCC of the servos.
Connect the Signal of the servos to the EZ-B as normal.

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Thanks a lot @Rich , that's really helpful...