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Posting Updates

Just wondered how the masses are handling the periodic updates of EZ-Builder....

Do you uninstall the previous version before installing the new one? Or are you just installing right over top of the previous version?

Love all the updates. Just trying to post them in an efficient manner :)



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United Kingdom
I always uninstall 1st then re-install the new version
I tried installing on top, but sometimes I got strange reactions. I guess it a Windows thing.
I use a few different computers, so the OS is Windows XP or Win7.
After uninstalling the previous ARC and then do a clean new install, I never had any problems.
New Zealand
Like MovieMaker I just go over the top of the old...:D
I always uninstall the old then install the new. I have seen bugs here and there from some folks when they tried to update over their current version.
looks like a 50/50 split of uninstall vs overwrite.

Perhaps i'll check into a script or something that would uninstall via a desktop shortcut instead of control panel/add remove programs. It would save a little bit of time.