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Possibility Of Adding This Sensor To The ARC Controls?

It would be cool to add a weather station to my InMoov. I think that this sensor would accomplish a lot of that. Would this sensor be something that you would be willing to add to the controls in ARC?


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It does looks like a neat sensor, but if the sensor is on the robot, then it would read the indoor information and not really the weather outside. Yes/No?


It would be easy enough to have a v4 outside with this sensor connected to it as a weather station, that could then be used in ARC with your robot.

Also, my robot will be going outside to events. It would be cool to know what is going on at the location weather wise, along with gathering the forcast information from the internet.


I understand your idea now. I believe it would make for an ideal sensor to be added to the 12c controls.


I think the V4 could make an amazing weather station that could report its data to other services. Here in Oklahoma, we use a system of mesonet devices that report conditions to a central location. The National Weather Service and Storm Predictions Lab, along with all of the new stations use this information as weather systems approach. You can add your own weather station to this network. Adding things like props to measure wind speeds and direction, rain gages and other things would also be helpful but I would add those later if I really decided to build it out. The fact that the information could then be stored and sent out over the internet very easily would be a plus. This sensor does a couple more things than just temp which makes it great for the startings of a weather station.