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Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator Assistance Please


Im having a problem with the Pololu step-down voltage regulator D15V35F5S3. Im wondering if anyone could help me solve this?
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

General specifications
Minimum operating voltage:
4.5 V
Maximum operating voltage:
24 V
Maximum output current:
4.5 A2
Minimum output voltage:
3.3 V
Maximum output voltage:
5 V
Continuous output current:
3.5 A3
Reverse voltage protection?:
Maximum quiescent current:
25 mA

I have a lighting system which only needs 5V to operate. I have a 9V battery connected through the terminal blocks which is connected to the Pololu step-down voltage regulator D15V35F5S3 by a 2 pin wire. Then the Pololu step-down voltage regulator D15V35F5S3 is connected to the lighting system by a straight male header strip and a 2 pin wire.
My problem is, that the lighting system works for only 10 mins then it shuts off. there are no other lights on. I'll disconnect the battery and reconnect it, and the lighting system works again but only for a few seconds then it shuts down with no power. I figure that Im losing power through the regulator? or may be difective? But, I also think it may be it is under voltage and shuts off.
here is a video of what I mean
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5XEN7C1 ... AbvTWkSUY= Can you help me please?
thanks for the help


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It sounds to me that you do not have enough amperage.
Most likely beyond what the thermal shutdown temp. Check current draw with meter. I can't imagine those components supporting 3.5 amps current draw there is no way! I would say 800 ma to 1 amp continuous. I think its just overloaded and heating up.
What size is the 9volt battery, if is a small transistor radio battery then I am in agreement with Bookmaker. This size battery is only desgin to suppy small amount of current 20 to 50 Millampere loads. I coulld not find the youtube vedio. You might list the votage and current ratings of the lights.

What I think is happening if it is a small 9v battery is that the battery is beening drain to below the cut off voltage. You disconnect, this gives the battery time to recover enought to be above the cut off voltage but it not for long .

If you have volt meter put it on the battery termials and monitor the battery voltage with the step-down voltage regulator connected to the circuit.
I got the problem solved and its way toooooo embarrassing to mention....lets just say it is working great!

Thanks for the help guys
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