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Pluginscratch Or Ezplugin Designer

I really wish I knew how to write the type of code needed to make a plugin. Sounds like I need to add this to my bucket list. However I may never get the time to learn enough to do it.

Maybe one day DJ and the EZ Robot team will make an ARC add-on like he did with RoboScratch for the plugin feature. It would make it EZ for people like me with no real C# or C++ skills to write plugin's. Kinda like a PluginScratch or EZPlugin designer.

I may be talking out of the side of my face here because it may not even be possible or too involved to make happen. DJ and the team my be unable to unwilling to undertake something like this or be too dependent on the user to know the depths of Windows. I really have no idea. Just putting this idea out there in the universe. However if a PluginScratch or EZPlugin designer could be devolved it would completely open up ARC to anyone so they could do almost anything with their robot. eek

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That's what Microsoft has done with C#. Microsoft has done such a great job at creating C#. It would be an impractical attempt for EZ-Robot to create a operating system level compiler and runtime environment to compete with .Net.

If you have a plugin idea in mind, pitching the idea to the community is a good start. Perhaps someone will create the plugin for you, specifically if it benefits them.

@ptp for example is a great resource for C# and plugins. Also @WBS is a talented programmer as well.


Yep, PTP has already developed a great plugin from a suggestion I made. It completed an idea I had been thinking about for years. I just hate asking others to do my work and I understand why something like my question here won't get done. Guess it's time to roll up my sleeves and learn C. ;)


Never learn C - it is very complicated. C is the blue collar of programming languages and usually results in a huge number of bugs and/or memory issues... or worse, security vulnerabilities.

The language used primarily by EZ-Robot is C#, which is under the .Net category of programming languages.

C# and C may have similar syntax, but they are quite different. C# is very easy to grasp, which is a good thing:)