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Plugin Icon Missing From General Tab

I have followed the steps in the ARC manual for Plugins. I have done a search and don't see an answer to this question. Step#5) there is no icon, what am I missing? As far as I know I have downloaded two plugins.

Step #1) Load the most recent release of ARC Step #2) Press the Project tab from the top menu bar of ARC Step #3) Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar of ARC Step #4) Choose the General category tab Step #5) Press the Plugins icon to add the control to your project



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First, make sure your ARC software is up to date. To down load the plugins, you should hear the following tab when you click "Project"'then "Add controls"...

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After you have downloaded the plugins and followed the on-screen instructions, the plugins will be installed. They will probably be under different "Add Control" tabs. For example, the screen recorder is under "General", and the popup display is under "Misc".


Thanks Steve G, this helped. It looks like my problem is trying to do a, save as instead of just opening the file when prompted. Just new here so I'm learning by asking the stupid questions.

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No problem @ransan, and there's no such thing as stupid questions here. BTW, welcome to the forum.:)


Instructions are also located on the plugin page:) mentions how to click on the file when it's downloaded. Read read read:D


Thanks DJ Sures, I did actually read the plugin page. Being new to this I was unaware that I could not do a save as when prompted then Open from there, like many other kinds of download. Steve G’s answer told me that at least I was on the right track, screenshot was helpful. My experience with any of this is about 4 hours total. I appreciate that I can come to the Community and ask questions that might seem obvious to so many of you and get helpful answers without feeling intimidated.


You can do a save as, but then you still need to double-click the file to execute its installer. That extracts the parts of the plug-in to the right directory and tells ARC that it is installed.