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Playing Cards With Dewey (Drone One)

I now have my most favorite movie robot "Dewey" from the 1972 film Silent Running. There is a classic part of the film where the Drones play cards with Bruce Dern and beat him!

User-inserted image

If you have never seen how cool these robots were, here is Dewey at the end of the film looking after the last of the Earths plant life in whats left of the space freighter Valley Forge.


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Dewey is one of my all-time favorite movie robots. Your's looks great!

Great looking Dewey! One of my favorite robots. Thanks for sharing.

Toymaker :-}
That is a very excellent build, I have seen that movie only once when I was younger, I forgot about it, I need to add it to my collection on dvds, which at last count I have over 860 movies, documentaries. You did a very good job at designing Dewey :-}
United Kingdom
Thanks for the great comments!

Loading the medical operation program cartridge into Dewey as can be seen in the film where the Drones operate on Bruce Dern's damaged leg.

User-inserted image

Here is a closeup of the little guy.

User-inserted image
What a great build @Toymaker! Fantastic detail and paint job!
Love the sad but hopeful video clip of the original one. Does yours have similar movement too?
@Toymaker I concur with all these great comments!:) An amazing build and I too would love to see the little guy amble about!
United Kingdom
The robot is not walking yet as I am looking into the best way to do it. In the film the robots actually had humans (amputees) inside walking on their hands this is why they look so amazing when they move around.
United Kingdom
Dewey doing what he does best tending the garden as he did on the Valley Forge forest dome!

User-inserted image
Dewey is a very cool robot, great details.
I am blown away by your spectacular garden!
Thank you for sharing.
Steve S
United Kingdom
Thanks, Steve S!