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Play Audio File Via Script

Has anyone managed to get the PlayAudio command to work from a Script on a Tablet?
Whilst the FileExists and PlayAudio commands work perfectly on a PC/Laptop, my Samsung Tablet using the Mobile Interface does not seem to recognise these commands. Hence no audio files can be played. This is a major problem, because if I add them to the Soundboard as MP3s, the project will not save to the Cloud due to file size. I am only dealing with 3 songs here, whivh are saved on my Tablet in the default Music directory. Any ideas?

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PlayAudio is not supported on android or iOS

The maximum file size for saving to the cloud is 60mb. That means each of your 3 audio files is approx 20 mb - that's excessively large. Can you trim the audio file in the soundboard to be the only portion that you play? Or, are you playing 3 20mb audio files in total from beginning to end in your project?
The audio files are played from start to finish. File size with MP3s on Soundboard is approx 36Mb. This would not save to the Cloud as per a previous question.  Can't use ARC as Mobile App is not yet supported.
Your last resort is to split the app into 2 or 3
Has there been any progress on being able to play audio via script on a Tablet? The SAY command talks out of the tablet but I need to play MP3 files. 
I have successfully identified the path name on my Samsung tablet as /mnt/sdcard0/Music/. But of course the PlayAudio("filename") command is not recognised. I tried an MP3 trigger but the results were not satisfactory. A robot App as sophisticated as this really should be able to play audio files on the device they are stored.