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Pl2303hx Converter Usb To Ttl Usb To Com Serial Adapter Cable Module

When connecting
one of these
to one of the ports, is it possible to send AND receive data in strings to another device?


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United Kingdom
Send only I'm afraid. The EZ-B/ARC is unable to receive serial data through the digital ports.
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shame. I really could of done with it too. is there any other way to do the same thing, sending serial data?
United Kingdom
Possibly by using other software along side ARC. If you transmit the serial data to the PC, through Bluetooth maybe then use something like EventGhost to read the data and send it in to ARC as variables using Telnet.

It sounds complicated because it is, but once you figure that stuff out it should be pretty simple.

Unless I have gotten the wrong end of the stick. What were the plans for the cable? What were you hoping to be able to do? There could be a different solution.
What are you looking to do? That's a device which connects to your PC. If you would like EZ-Script commands to read and write serial data, I can make that happen. But it's probably best to see what your goal is first.

Also, keep in mind that many of those USB<->TTL adapters do not work in Windows 8.
United Kingdom
It's to connect another board type to the ezb. It relies on strings sent to and from it to control the servos and receive data through. It has a USB port and its microprocessor sends data about its ports by it in the form of a string in this form:


&& is a separator. We set values in the same way.

If you put something into ez like that, because these boards are customisable may be the user ( me ) could customise the separator. More than that though I am a c# coder and most if my code is in that. I am making an on board dedicated computer to run it. That connects to the ez controll. The controller passes required data as a string to the little expansion board. If this could be a part of the c# sdk it would be a god send. Ill show you why when I finish what I'm doing

Or, maybe your ARC could receive data in the same way as above but from the system.io.pipes operations as well as the above communication. Again, ill show you what I've done.
You can use the i2c interface. The regular digital ports are not able to receive serial data.:)

the i2c interface is really easy too:D
United Kingdom
ah right ok. how do i go about that? a few pointers will be ok if you can
United Kingdom
is there any way of having more i2c's without a second ez-b? some kind of convertor maybe.
United Kingdom
awesome. thank you very much