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Pizza Party At Ez Robot Tonight?

Looks like the gang is celebrating! They have a get together going with what looks like pizza boxes laying around and they are walking around with plates of food.Yumm!

Have fun guys! You deserve it. You've done well!

Wish I was there! Looks like fun. ;)


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Awwwww, and I went home before anyone talked about pizza...:(
Yeah! Jason Z has been holding evening robot building lessons with the staff who don't regularly get to touch robots. I was building cabinet units with Cory for Alan and Myself - so it made sense to order some pizza for the gang:)

Yesterday we were on the patio having milkshakes!
Oh, and right now our friends are having a karaoke girls night on our patio outside the ez-robot office! You may see some of them wander in and out throughout the evening

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Man, you guys know to live. Looks like you run a very great place to work. Your crew are very lucky people. :D
Thanks Dave! Everyone works real hard and long hours. But I try to make sure there is break time for relaxing and clearing our mind. I have a great team and am lucky to have them:)

The same applies to you and our community!
@Dave Schulpuis- Agreed! Those milkshakes were mighty tasty.:D
Don't worry Chrissi, we saved some pizza for you!
I think you guys should send a slice of pizza with every order shipped.... :D