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#1   — Edited
I am using an Arduino - my question was, when I connect the Arduino, all good with the ARC software, when I connect the pixy2 camera to the Arduino, ARC can't find the camera

pertaining to the Arduino, what can I do?
#2   — Edited
Oh, that’s because the camera you mentioned in the question isn’t supported and there’s no plans to support it. That pixy camera isn’t detected as a camera device via usb because they didn’t implement it correctly as a camera device. Their driver is specific to their software and not designed to be used with anything else.

your only option to use that camera would be to write a skill control for ARC that translates the image data communication and pushes it to the ARC camera. It’s not a lot of work, but doesn’t present any value. Considering you can purchase very affordable usb cameras on amazon for much lower cost.

all the features (and more) of the pixy are already supported in ARC. 

I’ll edit your question and change it to arduino since it’s referring to that so we can keep things organized.
#3   — Edited
ok - I put resolved by DJ

Thanks again

who knows, maybe one day it will be supported :-)
I expanded my answer above:)