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Ping Richard R Sabertooth And Kangaroo

Hey Richard R, a long time ago you sent me a link for the motors and wheels that you and BHouston use. my question is can a sabertooth and kangaroo operate this motor or do I need a pots or some sort of encoder for it to work. thank you


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Yes, the sabertooth can drive pretty much any dc motor... you need to obviously have the correct sabertooth for the given size of motor, but only the sabertooth is needed... You don't need a kangaroo unless you want or need position feedback using an encoder. Then you will need motors that have encoders built in...


Thanks Richard R. In the future I would like to have it be able to navigate on its own would I need feedback then so it knows where the wheel positions are. thanks again for your advice


There are many was to navigate autonomously. wheel encoders is just one way....


Thanks Richard there's a lot more investigating I need to do