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Ping Distance

Hello every one

I am trying the new update and when I add the Ping Distance, Radar or Collision Detection one of my motors start working and I cant stoped. I am using the 4 wire H-bridge. I happens as soon as I add the Ping *confused*

Attached is the message on the debug window.


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I did a little inspection on the pins and seens that as soon as I add the ping D14 gives 1. hope it helps
It is not just D14, it goes from D14 to D19

hope it helps,

I'm nit following. What about d14 - d19
When I tried the new version of ARC I connected my project and it started working crazy, so I disconnect the EZ-B and the tried a new project when I added the ping sensor the pins D12 to D19 turned on without any instruction. It happens as soon as I add any of the ping distance modules.


I am experiencing the same thing. I have an H-Bridge and my left side motor was on D18 and D19 and the digital lines just go on sporadically now (post 15.3). No changes in ARC are evident when this happens either.

The motor on D7 and D8 has no problems.

I think there is something going on with the upper numbered digital I/O ports.



From D11 down to D0 they work well so this shuld be a bug of the last up date.


Agree. I am surprised no one else has reported this. I am guessing not too many are using most of the ports. My bot is nearly maxing the board out.


I a noticing the same. With me Digital ports 12 - 18 go on by themselves. I have leds hooked up there
so all the leds start lighting up out of nothing. I turn them off and then they go on again. cant say for sure about port 15 cause i have nothing hooed up there. port 19 has a servo so i cant for
sure there either but all the lower ones below port D12 seem to work fine.