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Pico Linear Servo Find

I usually dont find ones like this and I wanted to share. I hope it sparks a few creative ideas.

User-inserted image

From Solarbotics


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If only they were a bit bigger.
You could get this conversion kit for a standard servo.

I've seen those, they actually have less travel then that Pico linear servo, 19mm vs 20mm. Plus it seems to be cable & drum powered, meaning it has to hold position electronically like normal servos vs the Pico's screw drive, which gives it a natural mechanical position hold.

Those Pico's are a great find, thx. I was looking for real linear servos like that just yesterday. (best I found were Servoless Electric Retracks for RC planes, which would require modding & even worse, the electronics are only capable of providing fully out or fully in positions. And Hobbyking's micro linear servos) While I wish they were just a bit bigger & stronger, they might just be capable of what I need.