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hi all i have all this code put together to make my bb8 move, make sound head turn left and right , camera interaction and the sort. problem is that when i try to create the interface for my tablet or phone it does not do anything. i hit configure on the interface screens to copy the information i gave the controllers. when i click on the servos or talk to my robot using the computer everything works but nothing works on my display for my phone or tablet. I was wondering if i could send someone my code and display i am using and maybe they can go over it and see what im doing wrong? i dont need you to do it all for me. i just need a basic start so when i pair my robot to the v4 controller it does something and then i can copy it through out the design. please and thank you stress


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Check this tutorial to create an app:

Every control has a ? (question mark) next to the X (close) to view the manual of that control. There's tutorials on the mobile interface builder which may help you.

Lastly, are you connecting the mobile device to the EZ-B v4 wifi? I didn't see that step listed in your message.


Oh yes tusk you I've followed the tutorial and connected the v4 to wifi on tablet. When I compiled the app. The display screens are not showing lken they do in my laptop


Can you expand on what you mean by "The display screens are not showing lken they do in my laptop"?


For example I have all this code everything had buttons or touch screens and then I connectb my laptop to the eRobot v4 and move my levers or buttons or push something with my mouse it does what it needs to do. Then I created simple hud interface. I clicked the gear icon on top left. I associated the corresponding servos or movements. Saves it uploaded to here privately downloaded to my tablet and clicked connect to ezrobot v4. And the way my hud looks on laptop is not how it looks on tablet. It's showing it to me all wrong


When saving to the EZ-Cloud, select the Mobile App as the Default Control as mentioned in the mobile tutorial. You may hover your cursor over blue icons of options to read more information about the options.

Currently, your Default Control is most likely set to Desktop, which will display the desktop UI.


OMG you have no idea who stupid i feel. and trust me ive watched every tutorial/video and read 99% of your times here and i dont know how i missed the part about saving it as mobile and not desktop. you rock!


There's a lot of information to take in - to miss only one option is pretty good stats:D Glad it's working and looking forward to seeing your BB8!


one last question. i loaded everything but no the sound from the sound board are not being heard over the v4.. do i need to copy the mp3 files to my tablet?


The soundboard EZ-B is only supported in mobile. Take a look at the link I pasted earlier and the supported controls are listed for mobile.

There's another thread with someone requesting to have the soundboard pc work on mobile, which I'll look into and should be possible in a future release.


The next version of Mobile contains soundboard PC, which comes out of the mobile device speaker. I have completed it and it's published now. Takes a few days before coming public