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Persistent Sound Coming From Jd Ez-B Controller


I have successfully gone through the tutorials and manual to set up JD Humanoid. He can do various actions, songs etc , even do the facial recognition. However, I am noticing that there is a persistent "clicking" or "humming" sound coming from the EZ-B controller, sounds almost like a servo in action. Is this normal? Being afraid that I may burn a motor out, I am not running JD for more than a few minutes at a time. I have gone through the tutorial to Fine Tune JD's servos and his posture seems to be perfect. Appreciate if someone can confirm if this is normal or I need to look into the controller and if so, where can I find information to troubleshoot sound coming from the controller?



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How loud would you say the noise is? The speaker usually does make a tiny bit of noise and clicks. But that's due to wifi interference because the controller is so compact with the antenna near the amplifier. It shouldn't be loud enough to mistaken as a servo, however.

Does the speaker work for audio - like the demo dance?


Hi DJ, thanks for your help. The speaker works just fine, he can sing the 'I believe I can fly' song etc. The suspect sound is pretty loud, you could hear it 10 feet away from JD without problem and this sound basically starts as soon as I turn on JD. It gets a little louder once I connect him to my windows PC wifi. It is as loud as the sound the servos make when he is moving. I have made a recording of the sound and am attaching it. You may have to crank up the volume on your computer because my phone recorder is not great. Thanks again.


I remember this happening before a couple years ago with a ezb. Somebody had a loud whining sound coming out of there speaker or some place on the board. It turned out to be a defective ezb and they had to have it replaced. You may need a new unit. Contact ez-robot to see if a warranty applies to this. Good luck.


Hi @cdan1142 I listened to your audio file. The sound you are hearing is just as @DJ is describing. It is the noise from the WiFi signal being picked up by the audio amplifier.

If the sound is truly louder than normal you can always open the EZ-B enclosure with a No.1 Phillips screwdriver and look to see if maybe a magnet in the enclosure has come loose. A magnet attached to the underside of the EZ-B main board can increase the noise you are hearing.


Thanks @Jeremie, will try it out and see if it resolves.


Continuing to use with the noise. Its a bit irritating, but not a deal breaker.