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United Kingdom
I have looked at Protopic but I didn't see anything like these. That being said, I have missed things MANY times. I have a nasty habit of flicking through things a little too quicky. sometimes. quite often. All right ALL the time.

Out of interest, what are your favourite parts to use for rigging servos to mechanical setups?
United Kingdom
You may not have missed them, I haven't actually ordered anything like you are after but assumed they could be on those sites. All I've been using are the lynx motion brackets.

Tony (@ToyMaker) will probably know exactly where to get them though.
United Kingdom
ok thanks. I have just been looking a little more closely and have come across a few similar parts. I'll keep a look out for Tony and ask him as well.
United Kingdom
@Actobotics Thank you so much for that. To be honest I am vry surprised to get a response from you HERE. I contacted the team at servo city but never get a response
Happy to help! We are usually very good about answering direct e-mails, I am sorry about the experience you had. Glad I found your post here :). Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thanks!
United Kingdom
@actobotics I did have a lot I wanted to talk to someone about from your company. Would you be available to chat about things via direct email?
We'd be happy to...if you e-mail tech@servocity.com you should receive a reply. I'll let them know to expect your e-mail.
ServoCity / Actobotics
United Kingdom
thank you very much
United Kingdom
As Rich said, I use a lot of pre made brackets and hubs for my prototyping work, see my AIMEC thread and the new arm to see some servo bracket configurations. In the UK, Active Robots are a reliable supplier and have a really good range of servo accessories.
United Kingdom
@Toymaker Do you have a link to this thread please?