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Part Suggestion

I find that , particularly with the new thicker battery charger, it is awkward to get the plug from the battery into the charger without putting the robot into an awkward position. Especially with my Roli where it needs to be on its side or back resting on its arms. I would like to see a short extension cable (maybe 6 inches) to go between the battery and the charger.

I know I could make one by finding the right JST connectors and getting a JST crimp, but I think it would be a nice simple addition to the store.



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hi alan

here are extention wire cheap and free chipping.

Thanks Patrick, just what I was looking for.

de site has a lot more interesting parts.
here is also an interesting part for that wire.

wire protection
I'm with you there, a cable in the store would be handy. I just cut the wires on mine and extended it the old fashioned way. ;)