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Parallax Support

My first robot is parallax I have added a couple of add ons to the initial boe bot Like the speak to text Emic2 and QTI black line sensors It also has 2 continuous servos

Will any of this work on my new ez-robot platform?

Also can you suggest a good all around bread board.


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Hi :)

Remove the PCB that comes with the BoeBot. Replace the PCB with the EZ-B.

If you wish, you can use the Emic2 connected to the EZ-B. A forum search will help you to find results like this:

You won't need the PCB that comes with the BoeBot anymore. The EZ-B will replace it. You can also use a dab of hot glue and attach the EZ-Robot Camera to the BoeBot and have it follow balls and colors and pictures and such.

Start by downloading the ARC software and installing it. You can look at the features and examples. Also the Tutorial Section will help you a lot :)