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Asked — Edited

Pandorasbot "[Roblem"

Hello EZ-B Team & forum...,

Ithink tha i have a problem with PandorasBot control. I can't "see" the Speech Recognition Visualizer and pause control ...

Any help please!


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Sorry - we need help understanding the question. Can you provide more information
Hello Dj :)
and thanks for the quick respons..

when i use the pandarasbot control, i don't see the the Speech Recognition Visualizer !

I am sorry if my English is not very good!
Sorry - I can only help if you're using the latest ARC. Upgrade to the latest ARC.

Also, you will notice the pandora bot control no longer has speech recognition built in. This was removed to allow a choice of other speech recognition inputs, such as Bing. The instruction manual for the pandora bot control explains this. Use the ? (question mark) next to the X (Close) button for information of a control.

Here is a direct link: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=189
Thanks for the help Dj.. i already read the information's

Thanks again:)
Anytime! Glad you got it sorted. I know there’s always a bunch of improvements that bring change to ezrobot:)
... and that's the reason that i love EZ-B controller since 2010!

i really admire your pasiton for robotics and it was my inspiration to create my little friend "Talos"

User-inserted image
Whoa! Talos looks amazing! When do we get to see him in action?:D
Aaa.., Thank you! i appreciate your opinion:)

me and my team, we are in the final stage to use it in the real world;)

when we are ready we are going to create a tutorial videos with "Talos"