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Pan/Tilt For Camera Or Sensor

I don't understand how it works. If you attach the camera, does it let you rotate the camera up and down and side to side?


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Yes. Pan is right and left. Tilt is Up and down:)

You can either use servos and a hot glue gun to attach the camera for pan/tilt, or use the pan/tilt kit

An example of building the pan/tilt yourself (without the kit) can be found in the tutorial section: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Default.aspx?id=9

Thanks DJ!
I plan to make a boxbot for my first project, but I will update my progress when I actually order the kit and start building. I'm just planning for right now but will hope to get to building soon. I still not sure whether I should use the pan/tilt, two servos that are hot glued together, or a Lynxmotion Pan and Tilt Kit (which will save two servos) for a camera on top like in the tutorial. What do you think I should do? Either way, I'd just like to add that you and EZ-Robot have inpired me to expand my interests in robotics. Thanks Dj :)
Awesome! That's wicked to hear:) With the BoxBot, you really only need the glue gun and build your own. But it sounds like you're next project will be a little more intense? I imagine so! The BoxBot is great to learn - then tear it apart and add the components to your next robot.

For your next robot, you'll make the decision based on the weight of the stuff connected to the pan/tilt. You may connect the pan/tilt to a head, which will way more than the camera alone. :)
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I'd say go with a bracket but it is all down to personal opinion (and cost). I dislike hot glue, brackets give it a much more professional feel and look and for $10-20 for a bracket you might as well do it the right way (this doesn't include the box bot, the box bot probably wouldn't hold up with a bracket fitted)

Just personal opinion though, there is no right answer.
Right now I'm only focusing on my first project: the boxbot. My second won't be for a while because I'm just started with EZ-Robot. The pan/tilt looks like a wiser choice. But, do you still have to use any servos for it, or is that what the blue things are? If that's true, how do you connect it to your boxbot? I'm kind of confused *confused*
The pan/tilt comes with servos. You can use the servos in the pan/tilt rather than the ones in the video.:)

it'll make sense when you have it in front of you
Ok, thanks! I also have another question about the boxbot. If I were to control it using a PS3 controller (which is identical to your joystick control). What would control the arms and the grippers if I had them on the arms: left joystick= movement (forward, backward, side to side), right joystick= camera movement. X, O, triangle and square= talking. Back right/left triggers= left/right arm up and down. How would I control the grippers with the arrow buttons on the left of the controller?
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Is it possible to switch between grippers with a button?
Never mind all that stuff in the previous paragraph. If I had a gripper w/ a rotating wrist for each arm: let's say O be the right arm, and SQUARE be the left arm. Is it possible to press O and have the arrows keys on the left be for the left arm? Left and right arrows be to rotate the wrist of a gripper, and up and down be to open and close the gripper. Same thing if I pressed the SQUARE, but for the right arm? *confused*