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Ot: Spock / Leonard Nimoy

Way off topic here, kinda.

I watched "Spock" on Netflix last night. I was putting it off because it had such low ratings. However afterwards I gave it my 5 Star rating. I thought is was well done and very interesting. A great balance of information between the man and the character he developed. As I was watching I was reminded of the inspiration Leonard Nimoy gave us in the world of science and human growth. The character he developed in Star Trek no doubt has had far reaching implications on how we see and move forward in the world of everything tech driven including robotics. In real life he also helped a lot of us understand struggles and conflicts we had within ourselves and with others as we grew up and older. The guy had real class and a solid moral code. He brought all of that to the Spock character he developed.

In honor of all he did for those of us willing to see, I've changed my Avatar on this site for a while to a picture of his character in his later years. Another lesson he taught me was how to grow old with honor and dignity. ;)

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hi dave&andy

dave you surtenly have what spock has,dignity&honor.


Hi Dave,

Hope you are doing well....

Yes I agree with you. The character of Spock was a big influence in my life. Still is as a matter of fact. It was a great treat to see his character really start to flourish in the theatrical movies that came after the original series was canceled. I identified with his characters struggles with emotion and admired the way the writers developed the background of his Vulcan philosophies. He had a powerful screen presence.



Hi Rex, All is very well. Hope the same is true for you. Are you quietly working on any robots lately? If not, what a waist. You're so talented in this area. However I know how life and other interests tend to get in the way. Personally I'm on a short break from my robot. 5 years straight on one thing tends to make other needed projects call out for attention.

I totally agree with everything you wrote about Spock and the growth the character. In the documentary I mentioned above they were saying how close it came to casting another actor in the Spock role because of royality issues between Nimoy and the studio. I vaguely remember this and that he was the last returning actor cast for the first movie. I think the subject of Nimoy not playing Spock was there through most of the remaining movies if I remember correctly. They keep killing him off, looking for him and bringing him home. In the end I think he's the one actor (besides the computer voice, Nurse Chappel and wife of Roddenberry, Majel Barrett) that appeared in the most spinoffs of Star Trek. So much for I Am Not Spock. LOL.

OK enough trivia. Have a great Sunday!;)


The robot building spark is not dead but it has been on hold for awhile.

Don't let your dream sit for to long my friend..... your B9 is awesome! The design of the arms alone could make you a fortune.

I'll be back.... I will find a way.....


Hi Andy and Nomad ! Great to see you are still here.



yep we are still here hehe:D