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Orientation Sensor

I just purchased the orientation sensor and cannot find a control for it.
I have searched the help files with no luck.
I'm probably overlooking something simple but any help is appreciated.


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Are these available for purchase and if so where? I see it as pre-order on the website.
Brookstone still has some in stock buy one get one free. Probably not for much longer.
Canadians can't order from Amazon.com... we get redirected to Amazon.ca... which pales in comparison to what you can buy on Amazon.com... I haven't checked how much ez robot stuff is available on Amazon.ca, but I am going to say probably not much..
Brookstone will ship to Canada. Still has them in stock.

Thank you, with the exchange rate and duties I might have to wait till it's available thru the website.
Thanks again.
It won't make any difference the same applies to the EZ Robot store... prices are in US dollars and you will pay shipping, duties and taxes just the same...
Cheaper than EZ-Robot if you need any other ez-bits. Mix and match bogo.