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Order Of Tutorials

I am not certain this is the right forum, or format, but as this is my first post, please be patient. Actually, this is more of a comment for Chrissi, and the rest of the team involved in the development and publication of the tutorials:

As a new owner of a JD, and being new to robotics in general, I was following the "Revolution JD" tutorials one by one from the top. I was a little confused, however when I got to the "Fine Tune JDs Servos" tutorial (sequence 205) to see one of the prerequisites listed as "An assembled, calibrated, and connected JD...", while the tutorials on calibrating the servos only follow in section 3.

As it turns out, I just happened to have 1 servo that was more than 90 degrees out of alignment (and a few others that were out by a few degrees), which [tip for other beginners] I soon found out, cannot be corrected through fine tuning.

Consequently, I had to take my JD apart, and first calibrate all of the servos, and therefore have to say that I think this section should precede section 2 ("Building JD & Fine Tuning Servos").

Just my 2 cents.


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I agree, but for your reference, here is a conversation I had with DJ about it, and his reasoning for the order of the lessons:

Maybe instead of changing the order, just inserting a link to the appropriate lesson with a note to go there if servos are very miss-aligned.


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Thank you, Alan

I guess that makes us both part of the One Percent ;)


Thanks Pieter and Alan - after reviewing the tutorial step in question, i noticed there is indeed references to a tutorial which had been moved later in the list. As you may see on the news feed, i updated the tutorial wording. thanks again:)

Tutorial that was updated: