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On/Off Switches

I'm very new to building robots and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to connect an on off switch with the LiPo battery to power the EZ B V4 controller?


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Hi PradaJ,

Do you have the developer kit or one of the robots?

If you have one of the robots, there is already a power switch in all of the robots.

If you have the developer kit the powerbase has power port and an alternative power adaptor (2.1mm barrel plug) which you can wire your battery into. If you want to wire in a switch, simple do so on the positive side of your battery.

If you purchased just the EZB4 it comes with a powerbase but I don't think it includes the alternative power adaptor, so you can either order one from the store or find one from an electronics store, ebay, amazon, etc; it is a 2.1mm barrel plug. Wiring would be the same as with the developer kit for power and a switch.

If you don't have the barrel plug and need one, email me (you can my email address in my profile) and I'll send you one because I have several extra.

Also be sure to go through all the videos in the learn section, they will help teach you a lot.

If you find you need more help with wiring in a switch, let us know.

Happy Roboting! -Justin


I will be purchasing a developer kit; however, I'm purchasing a lipo battery and harness as well. So i bit the switch in the adapter of the harness? Where does the negative wire go?


In simple terms (see picture) you put a switch between the positive side of the battery and the load's (ezb4) positive lead or input... The negative side goes directly to the negative input of the load (ezb4)

User-inserted image

Below is a simple switch circuit with a fuse to protect the load and wiring...

User-inserted image