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United Kingdom
Asked — Edited

On Holiday?

Has anyone seen or heard from our Imperious leader? DJ and crew are they on leave or moving to the USA


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Our Highness, the almighty Imperious Leader is moving to... Belgium !

Of course ! Where else ! And you know why ?

Check out nr 1 over here:
We have the best beer in the world !

Follow his example, but not all at the same time please. Afterall we do wanna keep some for ourselves.
United Kingdom
I bet the monks that make the beer on the top of the list are very merry with an ABV: 10.2%!!!
Haha I will post an update. But here's a brief summary. Alan has moved to California. I'm working on some new conceptuals for new products and features. I'll be heading to California in a week or two. That's about it:)

that's what monks are for ;)
United Kingdom
Wow good luck with your move
DJ, Don't forget to update your Linkedin profile. It's Waaaaaay out of date ;)
I'll keep you all posted:)
@hoolagen1 nope not SoCal. We are just north of San Jose in SunnyVale. It was a loooong drive from Calgary!
Dudes! I'm in San Mateo, just north about 15 min. !
DJ, Let me know when you get settled in Sunnyvale. I would love to take you to dinner and welcome you to Silicon Valley.
well same thing for me DJ, whenever you make it to Belgium let me know. Bruges is my hometown so I can be your guide. I'll introduce you to some of the best beers in the world.
Great!!! Sure will:D both of you!