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Omron B5t Board - Installtion, Connection And Scripts

Hello Guys and friends from the Omron Board,

I like to follow your discussion about the Omron Board ( and I think is a good idea to open a new thread about the technical site of the Omron Board.

So far, I rode some people got the Board and make some test with it.

It will be cool if we can share our info about the Board, how to install it and how to get the Serial Data to the EZB4 Controller.

Everybody like this idea of recoginition the Face, Gender, Age, Expression and so on.

I too! I build the InMoov and it will be a huge step, if this will work also with the InMoov.

So please guys, share your infos with other (some business, some hobbyist) robot maker!

The First Question will be:

How to connect the Omron Board?

The Second Question:

What to do with the Serial Data from the Omron Board? Who will read the Data?

If somebody have a question about Instruction Sheet or the OEM Software, ask me, because i got for some days one Board, so i have all stuff.


PS. I hope we can use the Omron Board this year with our Robots.


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Just an fyi. The pins on the back of the board are dead on the production version of the board. I tried connecting to them using the dev usb board and it didn't work. The dev board can use these pins.

On the production board you will have to use the pins on the side of the board to connect.


Hi David!

Thanx for the Info!

Good to know!