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Omnibot Price?


I recently won an auction for a omnibot 5402 (robot only). I thought it was cheap because it was only $52. Then i found out shipping to the Netherlands was $62 and i still thought it was pretty cheap in total.

Now yesterday i got a note from the post office saying i have to pay an extra $40 for import costs!

Is $154 still cheap for an omnibot? How much did you spend on your omnibots?


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Sorry man , your post office is charging a importation fee based on the declared value of your Omnibot , only way to avoid that is seller marks package as gift on the international bill of lading form. But I paid 60 local for my omnibot , and 100 for each Omnibot 2000 , its a little more exspensive but worth it if its drive system works, has good tires and wheels and dome over head is in good condition then you got a good deal. Post pictures of it when you get it. If you want to bring the original 80s bright white back out of its surface I can help. I've done three bots now , here's a example of a ebay Omnibot vs after I cleaned it.... User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Ik had mijn omnibot voor 54 euro en verzend was 46 euro en als klap op de vuurpijl douane kosten 64 euro. de omnibot 5402 ( de 2000) kocht ik voor 60 euro verzend was 40 euro en douane was maar een 10tje. Snap jij et?


i'm sorry,

I bought my omnibot for 72 dollar and the delivery cost was 62 dollar. customs was 86 dollar. A while later i bought a omnibot 2000 for 60 bucks, delivery was 54 dollar and the strange thing was that the customs only costed 14 dollar.

It's so weird.

United Kingdom

They shouldn't be charging import duty for a second hand item that just sounds like they don't know their own rules surely?


SHRUG - its hard to fight the governments fees.


@Pabi!o Then i think i am just going to pay the fees, thanks.

@winstn60 I agree, the one i ordered doesn't even come in the retail box, just the bare robot in a cardboard box :(


Wait- this is awesome!

The guy i bought it from just gave me $40 and said 'let's call it even' :D


So i just got the box with my omnibot (it was shipped inside a burger king box :D ):

love all of the stamps xD User-inserted image

thank you! User-inserted image

I can see the head! User-inserted image

there he is! User-inserted image

On the picture he looks a lot whiter than in real life but it's not that bad so i could just paint it or only clean it.

Anyways, i will start a new post about my omnibot adventures :)


Nice robot, next time I would suggest to check out or (Germany), though - theres sometimes a bargain, at least for the Omnibot. Shipping could be a bit cheaper and you wouldnt have to pay for customs. What are you planning on doing with it? Michael