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Omnibot Front Panel Dimensions

Does anyone have the dimensions, or better yet a 1:1 PDF/DXF/DWG/PSD/JPG/Whatever of the front panels on the Omnibot chassis? (Tape deck and clock areas)

I'm about to start designing my new front panels, I have no problems measuring and drawing up what I've asked for but since it's late and the batteries in the keyboard on my PC with AutoCAD on have died I wont be getting on to it until tomorrow, but thought I would see if this already exists to save doing something twice.

Feel free to provide any measurements you may have, measure twice cut once and all that:)


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You probably don't need these anymore, but here are the dims for the Robie Sr panels:

User-inserted image

Edit: Png file looked horrible.:D

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I do need them so thanks:)

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If anyone else needs or wants these, a zip file with a few documents in...

  1. PDF of both front panels, 1:1 scale at A4
  2. As 1 but with dimensions included
  3. DWG (2013 format) file of the above PDFs
  4. DXF file of the above

If printing the PDF make sure you have no scaling turned on, scale to fit will throw the scale off totally and it will be pretty much useless.

Great for planning the front of your Omnibot/Omnibot2000/Hearoid/Robbie.

Don't print these images, they wont be to scale.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image



Awesome Rich!

Is there anyone out there that could laser cut these out of acrylic/plexi for us?

Or recommend a site?

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You are one step ahead of me. The DXF isn't working right but I have a program Front Panel Designer where you can design front panels (if it wasn't obvious). I'm going to make a template in it for Omnibot etc.

I looked earlier, it's about $20 for one panel, I haven't tried combining them to see if it's any cheaper. Take a look at Front Panel Express

$40 for a couple of spot on perfect, engraved metal or plastic panels, with holes for switches, LCDs, Sensors etc. isn't too bad in my book.

I'm sure there are more too.

However, what I plan to do is print the design at actual size, stick it to the Sintra (plastic card) or Plexi and cut it out that way with a dremel, knife, etc. (I'll do photos etc. when I get round to it).


We need to make friends with someone with a desktop laser cutter. :D


I've grabbed the online software to dabble with it.

I think for now I'll make up a template and router out some styrene blanks to keep me busy.

Once I finalize my ideas I'll send the design off to be cut.

Thinking of LCD's and such.

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That's my thoughts too. Unless my dremel skills are up to scratch... we will see.


You could have shape ways.com print it for you , maybe a bit cheaper. , very cool find on the front panel company. What do you want t to fit there?

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I don't have much other than the LCD Display which should take up most of the top one (going by data sheets, I don't have the LCD for this one yet).

Then only the on/off switch (if I put one in), ping sensor and IR sensor in the lower one. Plus some decoration to match the existing decoration maybe, that's when I'd want it done professionally.


Thank you Rich, this is perfect. I tried to do one myself and it wasn't quite clean enough for me. This will be perfect!

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A tip, don't use superglue to fix the panels if they aren't complete... My top panel wont budge for love nor money (it's obvious really but just thought I'd share in one of my fails).

If anyone plans to use Front Panel Designer here are the templates attached. I guess they would do if planning it out too.


Double check all measurements I make no guarantee they are right until after I've done a print and tried it out.

Edit: Oops... Measure twice cut once and all that... Just did another check on the measurements and it looks like the top part of the lower panel is 5mm too short, it should be 12mm not 7mm. So just be aware of that.