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Anyone have a start to finish guide for EZ-B on the omnibot?? Dont want to burn up my unit so i am asking for help.



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Not a.guide really , but we can explain to.to do.things and I have tons of pics. What are you wanting your robot to do?
Didn't realize i needed another board to run the motors? Where do i connect my eye lights?
Ezb only provides signals to coordinate other motors or servos , motors don't connect to it directly. For a omnibot you want to buy a L298 Hbridge motor control. It recieves signals to run the motors forward or back at the desired speed.
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Eye lights you will remove and replace them with either 5mm LEDs or 10mm , you can Connect a single led to one single digital port on ezb , so two eyes would use two ports.
Ok i am on the right path, I ordered the Hbridge already and i will pick up lights later in week. Any pictures and advice you can give me?

Welcome cybersarg! Here is a link to my omnibot project with some helpful info:
and a link to my finished product.
Linky 2
Hope that helps some. And Pics, we love Pics!
What Power supply should i use to power the wheels?
I just used the standard 6V battery that originally came in the omnibot (you can get them for 10 bucks on the internet). I used that to power everything, the board, my drive, all of it from the one battery.
What website? and which battery? My Bots battery died a long time ago and has been gone. Charger?