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Omnibot 5402 Tray


Does anybody have a tray i can use for my omnibot?

I am willing to pay for it.


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Man those.things are super rare and are almost always sold with a bot going for.lots of money , just make one from wood. Sand it , paint it and epoxy it.:)
Great idea!

sadly, i'm not much of a woodworker...

I know someone with a CNC though:D
My advice - buy a dremel or similar rotary tool. They cut , sand or whatever. It takes practice but.for all the little cuts you potentially will make on your omnibot its worth its weight in gold.
I do have a dremel - my mom knows nothing about such things and she was at a DIY store. she got talked into buying the most expensive model:D
How about a Walmart plastic serving tray with two 2" PVC pipes epoxied to it that will fit in Omni's Hand holes?
Yea that's a hotglue and paint project at the most lol.
Great idea, wish we had superstores like that here...
Thing's like that i find this here i Belgium in the "Action" shop.
this store come from the netherlands , so i'm sure you havel also one in the neigbourhood.
I don't know but something tells me that is a typical belgian picture:D
Try a Dollar store for the tray and Home depot,Lowells, hardware store for PVC/Epoxy....
@Niek. Check out robots-suck.com. Was just there to look for some spares and saw a tray - it does have a reserve price but I would write the seller. Thats what I did last time and it worked out fine for me, just waiting for the parts I had ordered to arrive here in Germany.
P.S. I would keep checking ebay.co.uk - they have Omnibots also, shipping might be cheaper from there to the Netherlands than the US.