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Omnibot 5402 - Belts

Saw a few posts about Omnibots here, joined the site hoping for some help.

Just put a battery in my old Omnibot... has been on a shelf since the late '80s. Turned it on, went to test the tape deck and the motor turns without a tape, but with a tape it doesn't. I suspect a slipping belt issue.

Anyone know what belt I need for the deck on this?



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Just replaced one on mine. Try 83mm dia x1.2mm


Thanks... going through old stuff, and seems this week is cassette deck repair week... just ordered a belt for an old Sony WM-EX1HG. Had to search all over just to find a cassette to test with.:D


Was it difficult to replace? I'm hoping I don't have to dismantle the entire Omnibot to get at it.


Just gut it man... tape decks died 30 years ago. Robots don't have tape decks... LOL... Just EZ Robotfy it and make it really come alive:)


My deck was already out and still a bit tricky. I think you will have to remove the deck,can't be done in situ. Go EZ-Robot! And ditch the deck!


Well, once its working I'm putting it on eBay and ditching the deck and the entire robot.:D

Tape deck wise... not dead, total comeback, audiophiles are going nuts for cassettes now... kinda like when records were all the rage because they sounded 'warmer'... I dunno... my MP3 player can hold like 5,000 songs and doesn't eat up batteries, so it wins.:D

Though I doubt the Omnibot's tape deck would be a high end player.:)

Just cleaning up stuff I've had around in storage for 30yrs, time to sell most of it off and put the money towards my current hobbies.


Just wanted to say thanks... Belt came a few weeks ago, finally got it apart today and belt was a perfect match. All together, runs great, the only cassette i own ran and sounds to be going the correct speed. Kinda torn, hate to part with it because owned it 35yrs... But then again, it's a big chunk of shelf space.:)