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Omnibot 5402 Arm Length

what is the length of the omnibot 5402 right arm? interested in frankenstiening up my rad project AleX


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United Kingdom
The whole arm or just the top or bottom sections?

I know that either the whole arm or the upper arm is 300mm long roughly. They should just about be the right size on a RAD.

If you look in this picture you can see the RAD is around the same size as Melvin, which is basically a 5402 torso

User-inserted image
ok thanks. theres a guy who tore his omnibot apart and is selling it for parts. hmmmmmmmm.... *eyeroll*
United Kingdom
Omnibot arm next to RAD torso
User-inserted image

You decide:)
wow! there bigger than I thought! how big is the omnibot 2000?!?(not the arm, the whole robot)
United Kingdom
That's from a 5402, the 2000 is bigger.

It might work with the 5402 arms, just make sure they bend at the elbow before lowering the arm down otherwise they will hit the base.
yea. I think I will try to use a different arm.

I learned one thing, and its that I got the small robot.